Friday, August 13, 2010

Moderation is the Key

Last night we had our RS activity. For this activity the theme was Moderation is the Key.

We divided the sisters into 4 teams. I had pre-arranged to have 4 team captains that could perform various physical activities.

After dinner we had a relay race.

Leg 1 - we had 2 meals and a snack that sisters had to figure out the calorie count of.
Leg 2 - sisters had to pack a lunch with no more than 500 calories. They got to choose what to put in the lunch from the various items that we had.
Leg 3 - sisters had to guess how many almonds were in one serving.
Leg 4 - sisters had to match food items for weight watcher points
Leg 5 - the team captains had to perform various yoga poses.

It was a great evening and a fun way to learn about calories, portion sizes, and nutrition in general.

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